All You Need to know About Naltar Valley

Aahhhh, whenever I hear the word “Naltar Valley”, it makes me feel like if there would have heaven on earth then it should be Naltar Valley. So mesmerizing and calm scenes at Naltar Valley that one can really feel that he is not even on earth, he is in some paradise.

Naltar Valley is situated in the province of Gilgit Baltistan and is 40KM away from Gilgit district and can be reached through jeeps. The road conditions are not very good from Gilgit to Naltar and at some points, you can even imagine that there is no road at all. However, for those with the slightest clue of what beauty lies in the valley, the journey is simply part of the experience and is most certainly worth taking and also you have to take some risks to see the most beautiful valley in Pakistan (Naltar Valley).

Naltar Valley is popular for its Gigantic snow-covered peaks, towering forests and some beautiful meadows. Reaching Naltar Bala, the center of the valley, one is absolutely spell-bound by the beauty of the area. What makes Naltar particularly unique is also that its forest cover is vaster than other areas of the country. The entire landscape is truly delightful to the eyes. There are three beautiful colored lakes in Naltar Valley and can be reached through jeeps from Naltar village. One can also trek to Naltar Lakes and it takes around 3 hours of one side.

The Naltar Valley is home to all skiing activity in Pakistan. They say skiing comes naturally to almost every girl, boy, man and even housewives in Naltar. Most Naltaris cannot afford the expensive ski kits available in the market and many thus tend to carve their own kits from wood chopped from the pine forests nearby. Naltar Valley has a ski resort and it also hosted the 2016 Karakoram Alpine Ski Cup.

Now let’s have a look at some of the amazing scenes captured at the valley.

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