Swat Valley is also called the Switzerland of the East, and it is so true. Even an international female tourist visit swat this year and said: “Swat is not the Switzerland of the East but, Switzerland is the Swat of the West”. One can find lush green pine trees, snow-covered peaks, crystal clear water of the swat river and last but not the least, great and historic Pashtoon culture. Swat Valley is also famous for its fresh fruits and dried fruits as well.

Swat Valley is a place where you want to go again and again because the natural beauty seems endless and you can enjoy almost all flavors of nature whether it is furious River flowing through the plains or high peaked mountains.

Swat Valley can be reached from Islamabad through private or local vehicles in almost 5 hours. Then, you can travel to Malam Jabba and other areas. The valley of Swat is surrounded by high mountains, Chitral and Ghizer districts in the North, Kohistan and Shangla districts in the East, Burner district and Malakand areas in the South and upper Dir districts in the West – there is beauty all around. The area around the Swat valley consists mainly of Pashtuns, Gujjar and Kohistani tribes with the Pashto language being the most used around the area. Towns around the Swat valley include Mingora and Saidu-Sharif (the capital of the Swat district).

Swat Museum

The Swat Museum is halfway between the towns of Mingora and Saidu. Japan had provided the museum with aid, to improve and increase the collections. In fact, there are collections of Gandhara sculptures taken by Buddhist sites in Swat, illustrating Buddha’s life story. Additionally, there are utensils, beads, precious stones, weapons, coins, etc from the Gandhara collection.

Saidu Sharif

Located close to the valley, and only 2 km from Mingora, is the famous town of Saidu Sharif. This is an ideal place for picnics as there is just greenery all around. In fact, there are places to stay over here, where one can really enjoy the scenic beauty of Swat.

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Hunza Valley (Also known as Heaven on Earth) is the most stunning and beautiful valley in the most northern side of Pakistan to travel in 2019. Hunza Valley is full of Marvelous and Gigantic mountains along with the stunning rivers. Hunza Valley is bordering Pakistan with China through Khunjrab Pass, which has a great history and is a must-visit the place. Karakoram Highway (KKH), is passing by Hunza Valley info, also known as Silk Route.

That was a bit of summary of this beautiful valley and now let’s come down to the things that you want to know before traveling to Hunza Valley.

We will cover the following in this Article.

  • Geographical details
  • The historical heritage of Hunza valley
  • Attractions & Places to visit in Hunza
  • Hunza traditional food
  • Wildlife of Hunza
  • Key times to visit Hunza

So, without wasting any time, just jump into it.

Geographical details of Hunza Valley

Hunza Valley is situated in the Gilgit Baltistan on Karakoram Highway (KKH). If we travel from Lahore, it will take around 17 hours to reach Hunza valley. As people travel to Hunza to enjoy beautiful views, so no one will love to get tired by continuously traveling for 17 hours. One has to stay for one night in between, and that stop can be Naran or Besham. The Hunza valley is situated at an elevation of 2,438 meters (7,999 feet).

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Aahhhh, whenever I hear the word “Naltar Valley”, it makes me feel like if there would have heaven on earth then it should be Naltar Valley. So mesmerizing and calm scenes at Naltar Valley that one can really feel that he is not even on earth, he is in some paradise.

Naltar Valley is situated in the province of Gilgit Baltistan and is 40KM away from Gilgit district and can be reached through jeeps. The road conditions are not very good from Gilgit to Naltar and at some points, you can even imagine that there is no road at all. However, for those with the slightest clue of what beauty lies in the valley, the journey is simply part of the experience and is most certainly worth taking and also you have to take some risks to see the most beautiful valley in Pakistan (Naltar Valley).

Naltar Valley is popular for its Gigantic snow-covered peaks, towering forests and some beautiful meadows. Reaching Naltar Bala, the center of the valley, one is absolutely spell-bound by the beauty of the area. What makes Naltar particularly unique is also that its forest cover is vaster than other areas of the country. The entire landscape is truly delightful to the eyes. There are three beautiful colored lakes in Naltar Valley and can be reached through jeeps from Naltar village. One can also trek to Naltar Lakes and it takes around 3 hours of one side.

The Naltar Valley is home to all skiing activity in Pakistan. They say skiing comes naturally to almost every girl, boy, man and even housewives in Naltar. Most Naltaris cannot afford the expensive ski kits available in the market and many thus tend to carve their own kits from wood chopped from the pine forests nearby. Naltar Valley has a ski resort and it also hosted the 2016 Karakoram Alpine Ski Cup.

Now let’s have a look at some of the amazing scenes captured at the valley.

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Pakistan, an estate to a wide variety of vacationer hot-spots, traveling in Pakistan is practically thought about sacred. Residents, settlers, immigrants, people from neighboring nations, everybody likes taking a trip across the land of appeal. From Gilgit-Baltistan to Balochistan, tourists find hundreds of different taking trip prospects to appreciate and feed their crave charm.

Nevertheless, traveling in Pakistan is not the most convenient task one can wrap their fingers around; traveling in Pakistan calls for a variety of suggestions to be followed, in order for the ideal experience whilst taking a trip. These tips, if complied with, will result in a boosted experience while you travel from one place to another. You will certainly get in the area prepared and prepared to take on any challenge that the traveling in Pakistan can toss your means!