All You Need To Know About Arrangkel, Ratti Gali And Taobat

Neelum village is covered with lush green trees and high nutritious fruits present in this area. It covers the following beautiful places:


Arang Kel is a village and tourist spot in Neelam valley. It is located on the hill top near Kel at the altitude of 8,379 feet. The village is accessible by a 2 kilometers trek from Kel. Beyond this mountain, the next mountain is a part of Indian occupied Kashmir. It is one of the most beautiful locations in the neelum valley.


Kel is one the most striking places of neelum valley. It is a 9 kilometers drive from Sharda which is located at a height of 2097 meters. It is a meeting point of the shounder nallah and the neelum river which leads to gilget agency over shounder pass. Kel is also a base camp of mountaineering activities up to “Sarawaali Peak” 6326 meters above sea level and it is one of the biggest Glaciers (about 25 kms long). It is said to be the highest peak and biggest glacier of Azad Kashmir.

Buses are available on daily basis to travel on this route. Other means of tranport such as jeeps, horses and ponies are also used to travel within the village. Guest house by the AJK tourism department is located in Kel. Other private hotels, hospitals, banks and markets are also available.

The area from Kel to Taobat is called the Halmat. A tourist rest house has been constructed at Halmat to provide accommodation facilities to the visitors. It almost takes 4 hours to reach this place from Kel. This is the last hamlet before you reach the LOC.

Ratti Gali

The lake is accessible from Dowarian by a 19 kilometers (12 mi) hiking trek. Base camp to Ratti Gali is Dowarian

In summer, the whole land of this attention-grabbing lake becomes a place of flourishing green meadows, wild flowers and glowing alpine plantations while in winter it is covered with white snow and chunks of Glacier floats in the water of Ratti Gali Lake.


Tao butt is the last station and end point of Neelum valley. Tao Butt is known for its shrubbery bounty of the nature. Heavy snowfall in winter, and the cold season continue  about 6 months starting from October to April end. Due to land sliding path is not seen.

In summer it is an appealing place for tourist to visit. Neelum River emerges from here in the valley and continues its journey till Domail.

Tao butt has few red roof huts comprise this town which when seen from a high ground remind you of the calendar pictures of Switzerland.

People of this area are hard working. They stock up their groceries for 4 months and spend their time in homes.

During the ongoing argument between Pakistan and India the area itself is in LOC zone (Line Of Control). To get here you need to get permission from the Pakistan Army and Original CNIC must be submitted at the Check Post.



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