All You Need To Know About Fairy Meadows
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Fairy meadows is famous for its majestic beauty and is the heart of the northern region of PakistanFairy Meadows is known as “Heaven on Earth” because of the incomparable beauty that it possesses. This place has been a major attraction for a very long period of time not just for those who love nature but for others such as researchers, climbers and photographers. The rich and green forests around fairy meadows provide an excellent habitat for wildlife. The forests are full of pine trees. The site overlooks the Raikot Glacier and gives a beautiful view of the Northern side of the Nanga Parbat Peak which is famous as the “Raikot Face”.

Fairy meadows is situated towards the north of Nanga Parbat which is the second highest peak in Pakistan and the ninth highest peak all over the world, with an altitude of 8,126 meters. From the KKH highway, this place is situated towards the south side at a short distance. The famous name of this place “fairy meadows” originated from a German tourist named Willy Merkl. However, the locals of the place call it “Fantori”.

The word Nanga Parbat means “naked mountain”. The peak is also famous by the name of “Killer Mountain”. It is because a lot of people had died while they were trying to climb the mountain. People who usually come to visit Nanga Parbat stay at Fairy Meadows. 2 small towns are also situated on the route towards the Fairy Meadows. The villages are Fantori and Tatu.

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