All You Need To Know About Skardu

Skardu, being the largest district in the Northern Area, attracts travelers through its various breathtaking features. For a tourist, it may not be possible to explore this huge district from each and every aspect due to the race between perfect weather conditions and time. However, the capital town Skardu and the nature’s precious gifts surrounding the town are worth risking your schedule for, or better yet, keeping a relatively bigger quota of your exploratory holidays for.

Deosai, in its literal translation, means “The land of Giants”. Lying 24.5 Miles south of Skardu, (approachable by rental 4×4) This park if not only famous due to its natural beauty and for being up-north but the pride of this plain is its second position amongst the highest plateaus in the world. Deosai has more to offer than just the geographical location and the scenery. This place is home for the Himalayan Brown Bear which was on the verge of being extinct in 1993, but due to the proper environment and care by the government, the Brown Bear family in Deosai was recorded to have increased to 40 in number as of 2005. Deosai is decorated by rich and colorful flowers with a touch of lush green grass and a distant view of snow-capped mountains which combines to be the perfect spring season combo.

Or Skardu Fort, in its literal translation, means The King of Forts. This fort belongs to the 16th Century. The credits for this magnificent fort go to Ali Sher Khan Anchan, a Famous ruler of Gilgit Baltistan. This fort consists of an ancient mosque as well. The Fort itself is situated 1400ft above the city of Skardu on a hill providing the stunning view of the whole city. Once you climb up to the top, it makes you feel like an eagle overlooking its territory, which in this case is the whole valley, the Indus River and the natural beauty of the Skardu City.

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