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All you need to know about Hunza Valley

Hunza (Also known as Heaven on Earth) is the most stunning and beautiful valley in the most northern side of Pakis ...


A Trip To Naltar Valley in 2019

Aahhhh, whenever I hear the word “Naltar Valley”, it makes me feel like if there would have heaven on earth ...

swat- kalam

Tour to Swat Valley this summer 2019

Swat Valley is also called the Switzerland of the East, and it is so true. Even an international female tourist visit sw ...

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Tips to Travel to Pakistan in 2019

Pakistan, an estate to a wide variety of vacationer hot-spots, traveling in Pakistan is practically thought about sacred ...

The Northern Areas are the most spectacular and fascinating region of Pakistan. The three world’s famous mountain ranges meet here — the Himalayas, the Karakorams, and the Hindukush.

The historic Karakoram Pass (5,575 meters), an ancient trading route between Northern Pakistan and Xinjiang, China, gives its name to the range, which forms the watershed between the Indus and the Central Asian deserts.

Northern areas tour in Pakistan